E- Library For Staff and Postgraduate Students

The e-library which is mainly for research purposes for staff and post graduate students only is a very small e-library with capacity of only ten (10) persons at a time, the search are either "offline" or "online" databases that the university subcribed. The online databases that are available for the departments are; Science Direct, Jstor, Agora and Hinari. here are also Open access Journal, OAJ that are relevant to the department. The Offline databases are; TEEAL, The Essential Electronic Agricultural Libry(Library In The Box), E- granary (Digital Library). There are also E-Books; Bookboon and bookfi.org

  • Staff of the dept on a researchStaff of the department carrying out some research in the elibrary

  • Pictorial vieww of some system in the elibraryPictorial view of some systems in the elibrary that can accommodate only 10 researchers at a session

  • Some ladies post graduate students carrying out research in the elibrarySome post graduate students conducting research in the elibrary